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Notes from the VBS Meeting

January 12, 2020


1.         Several topics were presented for consideration:

a.  God is good at light:  creation, Joshua, creation, star over Bethlehem, Paul on the road to Damascus, Exodus, Transfiguration, etc..


b.  God’s use of water:  Flood, Jonah, Red Sea, Water to wine, Elijah’s drought, Jordan river, Jesus calms the storm, Jesus walks on water, etc..


            c.  Significant stories involving mountains


d.  Jacob,  Abraham, Judges, Moses, Jesus and Apostles, Proverbs, Acts, United and divided kingdoms, Hezekiah, Samuel


2.         The consensus went with telling the story of Moses.  This has not been a topic for VBS in quite a while.  (Before 2001)  See the attached sheet for a projected breakdown to be presented in 4 days.  We also want to incorporate appropriate fruits of the spirit in the stories and lessons.


3.         Dates for VBS were presented as June 16,17,18,19 (T, W. Th, F)

            Lancasters and Dukes will be gone the week of June 16.  Check if there are any conflicts with the next week June 23-26.


4.         Next meeting is Sunday, January 19 at 4:00.

            Agenda:  VBS organization to begin considering the following;


            1.         Class breakdown  ( projected from other area congregations, friends, etc.)

            2.         Craft room personnel

            3.         Theme room

            4.         Registration

            5.         Teachers and helpers  (adult to child ratio desired)

            6.         Advance needs:  costumes, decorations,

            7.         Nursery

            8.         Runners, building supervision

            9.         Registration and publicity

            10.       Skits

            11.       Welcome and songs

            12.       Sound board and visual display

            13.       Photographer

            14.       Other

VBS Preparation

We are beginning to plan for 2020 VBS!   


VBS Planning Meeting

Sunday January 12, 2020




  1.            Propose topics for consideration.  These will be presented to the elders at their meeting Monday, January 6.
  2.            Suggestions will be entertained for organizing and implementing the various components of VBS.
  3.            Once the elders have approved a topic future meetings will be devoted to implementing the plan to make the VBS successful for our students.


Guidelines and parameters for VBS:


The purpose of VBS is to explore Bible stories, characters and themes in more detail than can be done in our Bible classes alone.  We want our children to understand better the historical context and settings of these stories, characters and themes.  We want our children to be excited to learn about God's Word and make that learning a personal experience.  The focus of the lessons, experiences, crafts and activities is to help make these Bible lessons come alive in their minds. 


We intend for the VBS to be a limited evangelistic effort.  By that we encourage all of our children of the appropriate ages to attend as well as any of their friends they invite.  We also invite the children of the surrounding congregations to attend.  Our advertising to the community will be limited to our sign and a few radio spots.  We intend to have a pre-registration system that will give us a good idea of the number of students to expect for each class to facilitate our planning for classes and activities.


Past topics:


2001     Beatitudes                                                   2015     With Jesus I Can

2002     Joseph                                                          2016     Serving for the Glory of God

2003     Jesus                                                              2017     Daniel: Dare to be Different

2004     Elijah and Elisha                                        2018     I am a Light Unto the world

2005     David                                                             2019     The Beatitudes

2006     Paul

2007     Joseph

2008     Beatitudes

2009     Jesus

2010     Elijah and Elisha

2011     David

2012     Paul

2013     Joseph

2014     Live to Give


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Welcome to the Lakeview Church of Christ located in Columbus, Indiana, where we strive to simply follow the Bible.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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