Notes from the VBS Meeting

January 12, 2020


1.         Several topics were presented for consideration:

a.  God is good at light:  creation, Joshua, creation, star over Bethlehem, Paul on the road to Damascus, Exodus, Transfiguration, etc..


b.  God’s use of water:  Flood, Jonah, Red Sea, Water to wine, Elijah’s drought, Jordan river, Jesus calms the storm, Jesus walks on water, etc..


            c.  Significant stories involving mountains


d.  Jacob,  Abraham, Judges, Moses, Jesus and Apostles, Proverbs, Acts, United and divided kingdoms, Hezekiah, Samuel


2.         The consensus went with telling the story of Moses.  This has not been a topic for VBS in quite a while.  (Before 2001)  See the attached sheet for a projected breakdown to be presented in 4 days.  We also want to incorporate appropriate fruits of the spirit in the stories and lessons.


3.         Dates for VBS were presented as June 16,17,18,19 (T, W. Th, F)

            Lancasters and Dukes will be gone the week of June 16.  Check if there are any conflicts with the next week June 23-26.


4.         Next meeting is Sunday, January 19 at 4:00.

            Agenda:  VBS organization to begin considering the following;


            1.         Class breakdown  ( projected from other area congregations, friends, etc.)

            2.         Craft room personnel

            3.         Theme room

            4.         Registration

            5.         Teachers and helpers  (adult to child ratio desired)

            6.         Advance needs:  costumes, decorations,

            7.         Nursery

            8.         Runners, building supervision

            9.         Registration and publicity

            10.       Skits

            11.       Welcome and songs

            12.       Sound board and visual display

            13.       Photographer

            14.       Other